Sunday, June 25, 2017

Public Documents


1. Annual Report of APDC Operations and Accomplishments


2. APDC Mission Statement


3. Schedule of APDC Debt


4. APDC Authority Board Members/Executive Management Team


5. APDC Personal and Real Property Transactions


6. Management's Assessment of the Authority's Internal Control Structure and Procedures


7. APDC Enabling Leglislation


8. List/Structure of APDC Committees


9. APDC Organization Chart


10. APDC By-laws


11. APDC Code of Ethics


12. APDC Budget Report/Plans

 13. APDC Certified Financial Audits (including Investment Audit)

 14. APDC Procurement Documents

 15. APDC Property Disposition Policy

16. APDC Property Acquisition Policy

17. List of APDC-owned Real Property

18. APDC Investment Documents

19. APDC Fee Schedule (see Tariff)