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Cargo Specialties

cargo heavyliftHeavy Lift/Dinmensional/Project Cargo

However you measure, we measure up!
Cubic Meters, Cubic Feet, Metric Tons, Short Tons, Long Tons, Kilos

  • Dockside Rail
  • 1,000 p.s.f. weight capability on dock
  • Excellent clearance routes for high, wide and heavy rail movements
  • 20 acres of open storage
  • Reliable and experiences stevedoring
  • Wide range of material handling equipment to make any heavy lift
  • Project cargo operation cost effective
  • Workforce has expertise in lashing, blocking, bracing and stowing —all types of heavy lift/project cargo, including generators, turbines, heat exchangers and rotors
  • Timely, accurate coordination of all functions involved for a successful heavy lift/project cargo shipment


Wind Energy

 cargo wind






cargo steel

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