Thursday, January 18, 2018



Public Authority's Mission Statement

The APDC strives to responsibly and effectively manage the publicly-owned maritime Port of Albany-Rensselaer, contributing to the economy of Capital Region and beyond while emphasizing transparency and public stewardship. The APDC’s mission consists of three main tenets:

Effective Management of the Public’s Asset.

The APDC leads and manages the maritime operations and infrastructure of the publicly-owned Ports of Albany and Rensselaer the public deserves effective management of, and a return of investment on, their asset – the Port of Albany-Rensselaer. - Economic

Contribution to the Region.

The APDC’s activities should foster maritime and land-based economic activity, emphasize safety and security, and promote environmental/energy sustainability the port should add value to the Capital Region’s economy.

Integrity, Professionalism and Customer Service. 

The APDC’s decisions and actions must always be rooted in public stewardship – integrity, professionalism, and customer service guide every Port decision and activity. Date Adopted:


March 25, 2011 (reviewed again in March 2015)